Personal coaching

    There are moments in your life when you feel it is time to ponder the questions that are on your mind. These may concern your working life as well...

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    Management coaching

    As a starting or experienced manager there are moments when it is pleasant that someone is thinking along with you about your questions, your doubts or the direction you...

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    Online coaching

    You can also follow personal coaching, management coaching or coaching as a care professional online. In online coaching you ‘ll experience connection and closeness in the same way as...

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    Coaching for healthcare professionals

    The world of healthcare is complex and challenging as well as being one of the most beautiful places to work. Here important moments in a person’s life come together....

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    The coaching process

    First contact

    We always start with an individual interview. In this interview we introduce ourselves, we clarify your questions, and we set goals for this coaching adventure. If you so wish, your supervisor can be present.

    Together we decide how many sessions we’ll need based on the nature of your question. Of course it is possible to change that. A session will normally take an hour and a quarter. On average a process will take between 3 and 8 sessions.

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