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    The coaching process

    Approach and method

    We always start with an individual interview. In this interview we introduce ourselves, we clarify your questions, and we set goals for this coaching adventure. If we match and make an agreement the coaching will start. If you so wish, your supervisor can be present.

    Together we decide how many sessions we’ll have based on the nature of your question. Of course it is possible to change that. A session will normally take an hour and a quarter. On average a process will take between three and eight sessions.

    Starting point for coaching

    My position as coach is a partner in conversation who thinks alongside of you in a critical manner and who helps you to see various different perspectives.

    In that way you can devellop a clear insight into your question and you can make your choices accordingly.
    During this trajectory you are responsible for your learning process. You decide which subject you want to bring to the table and what you will do with your new insights.
    Most of the time I advice to write down your experiences after the consultation. This helps you to retain your experiences during coaching and how you take it into practice.

      I want to:

      and learn to deal with:

      So that I:

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