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    Coaching healthcare professionals

    Collaborate, boundaries and challenges

    The world of healthcare is complex and challenging as well as being one of the most beautiful places to work. Here important moments in a person’s life come together. Contributing to this is extraordinary every time.

    The issues facing healthcare professionals are complex and diverse. The transformation from illness and care to health and behaviour and actual collaboration across all domains form new challenges. This applies to the daily practice in primary processes as wel as in policy making.

    Coaching for care professionals is no different from management coaching or personal coaching. I am familiar with the challenges of healthcare which helps to clarify the context of your working environment.

    I know and understand the pitfalls of holding difficult conversations with a patient. I know the dynamics of a group of executives. I am aware of the challenges of training to become a specialist doctor or studying for a PHD and I know the heartbeat of a nursing ward.

    Coaching healthcare professionals

    Possible subjects

    • Review cases that made a big impression

    • Collaboration with co-workers or supervisor

    • Fear of making mistakes

    • Dealing with complaints

    • Leadership in a complex environment

    • Set boundaries

    • Receive and give feedback

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