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    Management coaching

    Leadership, team dynamics, coaching leadership

    As a starting or experienced manager there are moments when it is pleasant that someone is thinking along with you about your questions, your doubts or the direction you want to take your team.

    As a team coach I have plenty of experience with matters concerning communication and collaboration. I have given many training sessions concerning leadership, team dynamics and coaching leadership. I can be your sparring partner while you build or refine your leadership.

    For instance, we could practise holding difficult conversations, talk about difficult situations and giving and receiving feedback. In this proces attention is given to the importance of being clear about your intentions and you’ll learn to set boundaries about what is ok and what is not.

    Management coaching

    Possible questions

    • How can I apply different styles of leadership on my team?

    • How can I use the differences in my team to achieve a better result

    • How do I communicate with all layers of management and others who are involved

    • How do I get a picture of and get a grip on the undercurrent in my team

    • How do I create involvement and a shared goal in my team

    • How do I create a culture of belonging and use different perspectives on decision making

    • How can I operate according to my own values in a situation that seems to ask something else

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